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First Time Home Buyers

Purchasing property is the single most expensive investment most Canadians will ever make.  The process can be extremely intimidating and stressful.  Working with a professional mortgage specialist can substantially ease your worries!  We are here to answer all of your questions and walk you though the steps of buying your home.  We also help you understand the process and explain all the options in order to make you feel more comfortable with your purchase.

Mortgage Pre-Approvals

A pre-approved mortgage is prudent if you are in the market to buy a home in the near future.  This allows you to secure a rate from the lender for a period of 90 -120 days.  It puts you in a position of power since most real estate agents will not accept an offer unless the client has been pre-approved for mortgage financing.  It also enables you to negotiate the purchase price of the home with confidence because you will know the amount of mortgage you qualify for.  This also enables your realtor to look for the home that fits your financial needs and situation.  Pre-approved mortgages put you in a strong negotiation position and locks in the best possible rate for you while you shop for your home.

A pre-approved mortgage is based on information you provide with your application and subject to verification from the lender.  Approval is always subject to conditions from the lender such as income verification and proof of your down payment.  Therefore, it is important to provide the most accurate information possible in order for the broker to determine which lender we will submit your application to and where to obtain the best rate.

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